24 2 / 2013

  Back in 2008 I pitched an idea for an animated series called “The Barbarian Exchange”. It was about a brother and sister that sign up for a foreign exchange student program, but end up in a remote valley where barbarians and evil wizards still ruled the land.

  The character designs were drawn by the incredibly talented Steve Wolfhard. I drew the backgrounds, which were painted by the amazing colour-stylist Geoff Manson. The last drawing is a little biopic by yours truly.

  It never went past being a one-sheet and a handful of concept drawings. The animation studio I had pitched it to, shopped it around, but couldn’t get a distributor to bite, in fact one Australia distributor said that children wouldn’t like it because the kids in the show didn’t have cell phones. It was dropped like a hot potato after that and has not seen the light of day until now.   

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    I’d trade my cell phone...barbarians any day.
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